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Wednesday, 15 August 2012


The Garden Gates Simplifies the Purchasing Process to Make Multistep Shopping Easy

Metairie, LA ( August 14, 2012 - The Garden Gates simplifies the purchasing process by breaking it down into convenient steps and answering frequently asked questions. This series of buyers’ guides makes multistep shopping easy and shows customers all of the options to consider regarding both the product and each customer’s needs.

This series of buyers’ guides on Fermob outdoor lounge, cast stone planters by Campania International and luxury bedding by Bella Notte Linens take the guesswork out of complicated online ordering. Following a series of questions helps both customers and the designers at The Garden Gates understand the customers’ homes or spaces where these pieces are going.

The Fermob outdoor lounge buyers’ guide explains the 23 colors offered from the expert outdoor furniture company and also helps customers understand what type of outdoor patio furniture will suit their needs. Narrowing it down by the type of outdoor area, such as dining, lounging or multipurpose and determining how many people will use this on a regular basis is a great starting point. Beginning with seating and moving to storage and tables will lead customers to certain collections based on available pieces as well as aesthetic appeal. Color is a great place to finalize the decision because all of Fermob outdoor lounge furniture comes in all 23 colors.

A buyers’ guide for luxury bedding from Bella Notte Linens is both helpful and inspiring. Determining what pieces of custom bedding are necessary for a customer’s bedroom is the first place to start. In this buyers’ guide, the customer will find a series of questions to help them decide not just what bedding pieces but also what textures and fabrics are best for them. Understanding how different fabrics can work together to create interesting and complementary bedding collections is also important after the necessary and decorative pieces have been chosen. The color palette of Bella Notte Linens is also the last stop when putting together an order. Each piece of luxury linens comes in all the colors, so it is best to decide on pieces and collections first.

Campania International, makers of cast stone fountains, garden benches and outdoor planters, offer both a variety of outdoor garden products and finishes and stains for these durable and versatile designs. Examining any existing stone decor, such as pavers, flagstones, patios and walkways will guide customers to their desired look and finish color. Figuring out how large the space is will also help to determine the size and scope of new outdoor decor in addition to the quantity necessary to complement an outdoor space.

Using the right tools and asking yourself the right questions is a necessary part of making purchases online. With the help of The Garden Gates’ buyers’ guides, customers will find useful information in determining their needs, asking our designers and architects helpful questions and fully understanding all of their options. These buyers’ guides will also help The Garden Gates’ team of experts to assist customers to the fullest extent.
About The Garden Gates:

The Garden Gates and is where lasting style meets everday life. Both the online lifestyle boutique and the Old Metairie storefront are filled with the founders’ findings from around the world for a unique experience in home and garden decor as well as clothing, jewelry, baby products, holiday decor and many specialty products.

Contact Info:
Alyse Mouledoux 
(504) 833-6699


Business Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Life-Long Learner and Cooking Enthusiast Edmond Masjedi is also a Respected Philanthropist

Los Angeles, CA ( August 14, 2012 - Edmond Masjedi, Los Angeles despite a hectic schedule with his numerous business endeavors and real estate developing, makes the time to support worthy causes. As a responsible citizen of society, Edmond believes that we should give back as much as we can and understands the importance of social work.

He is committed to helping the charitable institutions he supports achieve their missions. Penny Lane Foundation and St. Jude for Kids are two of those institutions that Edmond Masjedi extends his philanthropist efforts.

The Penny Lane Foundation's mission is to foster the hopes and dreams of today's youth by empowering children and families to reach their highest potential. This foundation provides services such as a transitional housing, mentoring programs, and therapeutic behavior services for abused and neglected children from all backgrounds.

St. Jude for Kids purpose is to ensure the very best outcome possible for every child. St. Jude’s lifesaving mission is to find cures and save children from dying. Child welfare is a cause that is very close to Edmond's heart and he continues every possible effort to help save precious young lives.

About Edmond Masjedi

Edmond Masjedi is a dedicated entrepreneur with extensive experience in the business field. He has built numerous businesses from the ground up, developing them into a huge success. Edmond is a businessman with interests in many areas. Presently, he is focusing on residential and commercial real estate endeavors as as a builder and developer.

Contact Info:
Edmond Masjedi
5021 Adams Place
Suite 136, Plano TX 08807


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

HydroPeptide’s Even Out Pigment Corrector Effectively Lightens All Types of Hyperpigmentation with Safe Substitutes for Hydroquinone

HydroPeptide’s Even Out Brightening Pigment Corrector fades sun damage, age spots, acne scars and pregnancy mask with five corrective ingredients, including the patented Beta White (β White) peptide.

Issaquah, Wash( August 14, 2012 - According to the Kline report, hyperpigmentation is a serious skin care concern, second only to anti-aging.  HydroPeptide, the brand famous for replacing harsh ingredients with over 21 different clinical levels of peptides – protein fragments recognizable by the skin as building blocks that strengthen and nourish – addresses this concern by creating a safe and effective alternative to hydroquinone-based discoloration treatments.

 HydroPeptide’s Even Out Skin Brightening Pigment corrector is the first hyperpigmentation serum to promote a more even complexion thanks to five spot correcting actives with complete safety profiles – including the non-irritating, newly discovered substitutes for hydroquinone – the patented β White peptide and Chromabright.

Even Out is a dark spot corrector featuring powerful actives that deliver results without negative side effects.  Chromabright is a new brightening active that safely inhibits tyrosinase activity – the key determinant of the skin darkening effect of melanin production.  In clinical tests Chromabright exhibited a depigmenting effect comparable to that of hydroquinone, minus the risk of skin irritation.  The β White peptide reduces overall skin pigmentation, including inconsistencies in tone resulting from acne scars and pregnancy mask, by inhibiting melanin production-induced discoloration.   An antioxidant blend of Vitamins C and E, green tea and resveratrol maintain skin’s health and consistent tone over the long term by reducing inflammation and activating sirtuins, a class of proteins that determine cell lifespan.  Elizabeth Mitchell, Los Angeles-based beauty writer for, explains how Even Out fits into your skin care routine.

“Simply apply a quarter teaspoon of HydroPeptide's Even Out Brightening Pigment Corrector over face, neck and decollete area after cleansing and before anti-aging serum, both in the morning and evening,” advises Mitchell, who says post-summer hyperpigmentation is a concern of hers in sunny California. “It’s the easiest regimen to fade imperfections and score sexy, even skin!”

Even Out is retailed as a maintenance treatment and is a key component of the HydroPeptide Brightening Facial, offered as a high-result option at prestige spas worldwide, including the Four Seasons – Biltmore Santa Barbara Resort.  Even Out is also available online at

About HydroPeptide (

HydroPeptide is an anti-aging skin care line formulated with over 21 different peptides at clinical levels and is the winner of over 21 international beauty awards.  Formulated by skin ingredient expert, April Zangl and the renowned Dr. Louise Peck, PhD and nutritional expert in proteins’ body building attributes, this collection specializes in peptides, topical protein fragments that simultaneously improve skin’s radiance, tone and strength.  As a mother, the CEO of HydroPeptide and a fitness and wellness management expert, April prioritizes creating multifaceted products based on the latest advancements that fit into a busy lifestyle and produce faster results without harsh chemicals or irritation.  April believes that while inner beauty is the most important, HydroPeptide formulations are her outlet for celebrating outer beauty.  HydroPeptide is Scientific Beauty Made Simple.
Actual clinical data available upon request.  Please contact: Elise Hamamoto at or (425)458-4107

Contact Info:
Elise Hamamoto, Public Relations Manager
1085 12th Ave NW Ste D5
Issaquah, WA 98027


The Southern Methodist University Recognized For Alcohol Training Program

ARLINGTON, VA ( August 13, 2012 – Health Communications, Inc. (HCI), the providers of the TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) Program, is pleased to announce that Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas has been awarded the 2012 TIPS Award of Excellence. This is an award bestowed by Health Communication’s President & CEO, Adam Chafetz, and is chosen by an internal committee based on both volume of students certified and feedback from TIPS Trainers and student participants. There were nine (9) other campuses that received the award in 2012. According to Mr. Chafetz, “SMU has taken multiple approaches over the years to prevent students from misusing alcohol on and off campus. TIPS is proud to be one of many approaches that they have used. SMU has repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to preventing the misuse of alcohol on their campus and in their community by training their students in an effective alcohol education program”.

Southern Methodist University began implementing the TIPS for the University program in early 2007 through their Center for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Department. Since implementing the program, SMU has certified students across the university through Greek Life, Residence Life & Student Housing, and the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. As a result, SMU has certified thousands of students on how to identify someone who is misusing alcohol and, more importantly, on how to effectively and confidently step-in to prevent that follow student from hurting themselves or someone else.

TIPS for the University is a two-hour program that helps students make sound choices when faced with difficult decisions about alcohol use. Working together with other students and administrators at their college or university, students address drinking behaviors specific to their school and develop intervention techniques appropriate to their campus. All sessions are taught by certified TIPS trainers, using video and printed materials to facilitate discussion of the course content. TIPS for the University provides students with the knowledge and confidence necessary to reduce high-risk drinking behavior among their peers. More than 1,200 campuses nationwide have implemented TIPS for the University. In addition, the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP), a project of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), has recently recognized the TIPS for the University training program by awarding high marks for both the quality and effectiveness of the program. For more information, you can visit

About Health Communications, Inc.

Health Communications, Inc. (HCI) was founded in 1982 by Dr. Morris Chafetz, founding director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, HCI is a nationally recognized expert in the field of alcohol training. Its flagship program, TIPS, was the first of its kind and continues to set industry standards for this type of training. Numerous public officials and government agencies have recognized and endorsed TIPS training as life-saving and critical to the progress made in reducing alcohol-related injuries and deaths. More information can be found at

About Southern Methodist University

A nationally ranked private university with seven degree-granting schools, SMU is a distinguished center for teaching and research located in the heart of Dallas. SMU’s 11,000 students benefit from small classes, leadership opportunities, international study and innovative programs. More information can be found at

Contact Info:

Trevor Estelle
703-524-1200 ex
Health Communications, Inc.


Public Policy Online Voting System Announces Successful Nationwide Launch

Members can learn about and cast secure ballots on important federal, state and local public policy issues, before they become law. Registration is free and is designed to engage citizens in the governance process.

Palm Bay Florida ( August 13, 2012 - is pleased to announce the launch of their innovative public policy online voting system on Friday evening August 10th at 6:00 p.m. EST, according to Chuck Kirkpatrick, Founder and CEO.

“After two years of research and development, America’s form of representative government can finally work in a more efficient, interactive way, the way our Founders intended. In fact, many lawmakers and high ranking public policy officials have said our Civic Engagement and Communication System is the future of civic engagement in the governance process. Our Development Team, led by Chief Technology Officer Jeff Cogswell, did a brilliant job of bringing our System to market, and millions of Americans will be proud to join,” states Kirkpatrick.

This announcement follows a March 15th press release by the Space Coast Economic Development Commission that the company selected a site location within the City of Palm Bay, Florida’s newly designated Enterprise Zone and one of the community's Sustainable Market and Reinvestment Target (SMART) areas.

“Citizens today are insisting on shared ownership for public policy decisions, and now they have the tools to effectively engage. With our first Advisory Propositions, Americans can finally learn about and vote on a very popular and controversial Federal Immigration issue, and Florida residents can vote on Governor Rick Scott’s efforts to clean the voter rolls. Later this week, New York City residents will be able to vote on Mayor Bloomberg’s desire to ban the sale of large sugary soft drinks. All in all, our launch was a total success and membership enrollments have consistently increased over the weekend,” states Daria DiGiovanni, Director of Social Media Strategies.

Last month in Washington, Kirkpatrick and DiGiovanni met with several members of Congress including Florida Congressman Bill Posey and a number of other Congressional staffers, including the office of Utah Senator Mike Lee. This was preceded by a series of successful meetings with members of the Florida Legislature in Tallahassee.
“We are also pleased to announce that additional Angel Investors have joined our Project over the past few weeks. We have a winning concept, a brilliant, dedicated team of professionals on our staff, and investors are seeing our potential. We are the voters tool of the future," adds Kirkpatrick.

Two National Surveys, including an August 2011 independent survey of 2,500 registered voters in five states indicates nearly half of America’s voters will join

About creates nonpartisan, unbiased ”Advisory Propositions,” at the federal, state and local level in which citizens can learn about and cast secure votes “online” on the most popular public policies, before they become law. Ballot results are verified, sorted, totaled and automatically communicated to lawmakers, removing the uncertainty as to how their constituents expect to be represented. With an integrated Report Generator, Legislators can create valuable voter trend reports utilizing 20 different data points. Designed to handle tens of millions of users, this System replaces the "catch all" methods of phone, fax, email, letters, website comment forms, tweets, and Facebook posts with one high security communication tool. To join, click will be released in Spanish, and will provide a Youth In Politics educational program for ages 13 – 17. Smartphone and Tablet applications will also be available.

For more information, contact Chuck Kirkpatrick (321) 735-4894


Monday, 13 August 2012

Willie Basse and his “Tales From The Sunset Strip”

( August 13, 2012 - Tales From The Sunset Strip is a Rock n’ Roll Internet Radio / Television Show, hosted by “Cultural Ambassador to The Sunset Strip”, Willie Basse.

Broadcasting live from legendary Canters Deli KIBITZ ROOM in Hollywood every Friday at 2pm, listeners and viewers will experience the finest live music from our house band, which includes some of rocks most renowned musical artists.
Interviews include Rockstars, Celebrities, Models, Hollywood Icons. The show will cover Current Events, Concert Calendar, Cultural Entertainment History, lost secrets and stories of Hollywood’s legacy. Also special prizes, giveaways, FREE BEER and girls, Girls, GIRLS!

Canters Deli is a part of history in our beloved city of Hollywood. It was especially chosen as our location because of its own legacy where many stars and rockers alike met, dined, hung out. Its story will be explored and told in our first episode with current owner and author, Marc Canter.

Co-host is Earl Skakel as Willie’s comedic sidekick. Earl was in the feature film, “Benchwarmers” and has recently been on tour with Rob Schneider.

Tales From The Sunset Strip House Band is:

SCOTT PAGE (Pink Floyd)
ALVIN TAYLOR (Elton John, George Harrison)
REGGIE McBRIDE (Elton John, Merv Griffin, Stevie Wonder)
JIMI MACON (The Gap Band, Natalie Cole, Rufus)

In celebration of SSMF, WILLIE BASSE is inviting everyone to the "Tales Launch Party" Thursday August 16th - 2pm Canter's Deli ‘KIBITZ ROOM' 419 Fairfax Ave. Hollywood, CA. 90035

Tales From The Sunset Strip will broadcast on network. It will also be available on iTunes and posted weekly on youtube.

To listen to our broadcast live, download the App – ‘Live 365’ and search Willie Basse / Twin Talk.

Contact Info:
New Empire Media, Inc.


Edmond Masjedi's Family and Friends Treated to Sumptuous Cuisine from Around the World

Los Angeles, CA ( August 13, 2012 - Cooking enthusiast, Edmond Masjedi, travels to countries all over the globe to find authentic cuisines for his collection of cooking recipes. Edmond Masjedi, also a world travel, loves to cook authentic dishes from the places he has visited. Where most household's stick to common easy meals like casseroles, Edmond's family and friends are always in for a treat when invited over for dinner. They never know what sumptuous surprise from his latest travels Edmond will cook up next. No frozen P.F. Chang's bagged meals from the freezer aisle for Edmond Masjedi. He goes to the source of international gourmet food cooking -- the country itself.

When visiting a new place and culture, Edmond strongly suggests that travelers always try the dishes that the county is famous for. Would you order a hamburger in Italy, or would you try some amazing new pasta dish and sauce you've never had the pleasure to taste at home? When Edmond discovers a new dish he especially likes and wants to add to his famous recipe collection, he stops at nothing to obtain the recipe for himself so he can try cooking it at home. Edmond loves to experiment with gourmet cooking and has gained excellent cooking skills from his travels and chats with cooks from around the world.

During his travels Edmond Masjedi enjoys not only the exquisite cuisine, but also enjoys learning about other cultures. He speaks multiple languages and he believes that every culture in the world has something unique to offer.

Edward Masjedi has a marketing and business degree from the University of California and is a prominent Businessman and Entrepreneur.

Contact Info:
Edmond Masjedi
Sonja Libby,, 4695 MacArthur Court, 11th Floor, Newport Beach, CA 92660
5021 Adams Place
Suite 136, Plano TX 08807


Colorado Residents Can Now Access Comprehensive Life Insurance Solutions at

( August 13, 2012 - Colorado Residents Can Access Comprehensive Life Insurance Solutions at For the residents of Colorado, the excuse that finding affordable life insurance is too difficult just lost its validity. The new website,, was created to revolutionize the way people learn about and buy insurance, by providing both a comprehensive resource for those wanting to learn more about various types of insurance and a place to compare rates and get the professional advice they need.

Co-founder of Term Life Insurance, Brianna Baiocco, said one of the reasons she wanted to build the site was so that more people in Colorado and any of the other 50 states in which Term Life is licensed, would realize that there are insurance policies to suit every budget and every situation.

“We hope to help consumers have a better understanding of how affordable life insurance can be,” she explained. “How it protects the ones left behind. We also hope to make it an easy buying process for the consumer.”

By visiting the site and using the comparative rater tool, Colorado residents can quickly receive rates from the more than 50 insurance companies with which Term Life Insurance works. Then, once they’ve found a rate and plan that works for them, customers can submit a phone application with the help of a licensed insurance agent—any time of the day—to get their insurance plans in progress.

Baiocco said that even those Colorado residents who have special insurance needs or whose medical history might make it more difficult for them to decide which insurance provider is the most appropriate, can still get the assistance they need. Term Life Insurance is unique in that they have in-house underwriters to assist clients with these types of special circumstances.

For the kind of peace of mind one can get from term life insurance, Colorado families, couples and business owners have little reason not to look into the options that are available to them.

Source: releases CardHolders:No-tech solution to high-tech organization and packaging.

Rochester, NY ( Ausgut 11, 2012 - Forever caught in the high-tech race maze? Do technology and paperwork trails keep you hanging in suspense? The solutions are at, the leader in high-quality packaging and organization since 1971. offers premium-quality cardholders for every application and immediate shipping of our stock styles. There are single card pockets to 100 card point-of-purchase displays. Plain or imprinted folding cardholders in 16 colors, adhesive and non-adhesive card pockets, business card pages for ring binders, resealable flaps, thumb- notches and rolodex styles. Laminate cards for luggage tags, slip in name badge holders, and more. Their durability means they virtually won’t crack, tear, or break.

Combining cards and printed media for advertising? When a business card is only part of the package, has many solutions. From presentation folders to media kits. Stick-it, File-it, Store-it, Send-it. Put it on an envelope, brochure, filing cabinet, literature, binder, shelf, and more. Need to identify products or keep your name in front of the customer? Cardholders have a multitude of applications.

Need custom designs or packaging? There are custom packaging solutions that won’t break your wallet. Most custom items have only a 300-piece minimum and we offer a quick 5-8 day turn-around. But, will the product work for the application? Call our full-service team and let us send you a FREE sample.

“I don’t dig for my coffee card in the morning any more, as I put all my discount cards into one folding card holder…well almost,.” said Reenie Feingold, founder of and product designer. “In fact, I have several card holders in my purse, one for my driver’s license, another for my health insurance information, and of course, I keep several color-coded folding card-holders to keep all my valuable discount cards at my finger tips”.

We have small quantities for the home, to large quantities for office and commercial use. For a driver’s license, student or work ID card, Social Security card, club membership card, medical insurance card, library card, photos, a spare key, and even lunch money. StoreSMART’s expanded line of no-tech organization and packaging is the answer.

The website and catalog features over 5000+ sizes. They range from tiny 1” x 1” to large 39” x 26” in adhesive and non-adhesive pockets for printers, manufacturers, healthcare, schools, libraries, universities, offices, and homes. There is immediate shipping for stock items. Again, when you have a specific need, call us for FREE samples., the no-tech solution to hi-tech!

Summary Paragraph: offers premium-quality cardholders for every application and immediate shipping of our stock styles. There are single card pockets to 100 card point-of-purchase displays. Plain or imprinted folding cardholders in 16 colors, adhesive and non-adhesive card pockets, pages for ring binders, resealable flaps, and rolodex styles. Laminate for luggage tags, name badges, and more. Their durability means they virtually won’t crack, tear, or break. There are standard styles and custom packaging solutions that won’t break your wallet. There is immediate shipping for stock items. Most custom designs have only a 300-piece minimum and quick 5-8 day turn-around.

The website and catalog features over 5000+ sizes of adhesive and non-adhesive pockets for printers, manufacturers, healthcare professionals, schools, libraries, universities, offices, and homes., the no-tech solution to hi-tech organization and media packaging.

Corporate Backgrounder:

Reenie and Stan Feingold, founders. In Business since 1971, 34 years. StoreSMART ( has more than 5,000 media and office storage products. Visual Horizons ( creates & distributes medical, educational & professional presentations. ScrapSMART ( serves the scrapbook, sewing, quilting, art and craft industry with CDs, albums, totes, card making supplies, etc. Many CDs are in A4 for European distribution

Contact Info:

Stan Feingold
800-424-1011 X
StoreSMART 180 Metro Park Rochester,
NY 14623


A New Ingenious Construction Tool Houses a Carpenters Pencil and Attaches to the Top of Your Thumb for Instant Access Every Time

Youngstown, OH ( August 11, 2012- Ohio native Gary Downing has created Qwick-Draw “Measure it, Mark it and Cut it FAST” is the mantra for this one of a kind little device” says Downing.

It’s amazing how much time is spent reaching for, looking for or picking up a pencil that may have been dropped or forgotten when climbing up a ladder or on a roof top. This simple device will make that a thing of the past! Not only can you draw a straight line with it and write down any dimensions, you can also make a list of material needed for that job. Downing says “he understands some of the “Old School” contractors are happy keeping their pencil behind their ear, and that’s ok!” he continues, “However, those that give it a shot will find it quite helpful, especially for their crew members and the everyday do-it-yourselfer
Qwick-Draw is approximately 1 ½ inches long and open at both ends. Once a pencil is sharpened (2 included) the pencil slides in from either end and then attaches to the top of either thumb with the Velcro (that is also included) extending the tip of pencil past the thumb nail. When the pencil needs to be sharpened simply push it through from the back side and sharpen, it’s as simple as that! Union Carpenter in Youngstown, Ohio Donald Beaumont says “It’s one of those simple ideas that is functional, serves a purpose and works well that you wish you would have thought of.”

There is a short video that demonstrates how Qwick-Draw actually works and is just 3minutes in length, additionally, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Use it, Like it or Send it Back. Qwick- Draw is just $3.25 each.

To learn more, read testimonials and to check out the video please visit

Contact Info:

Gary Downing


Anthony Citrolo Selected to Serve on the National Board of the Alliance of Merger and Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA)

Chicago, Ill. ( August 10, 2012 - It was announced today that, The Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors® (AM&AA) has selected Anthony Citrolo to serve on the national Board. He is one of an elite group of over 400 experienced corporate financial advisors worldwide to have earned the Certified Merger and Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA) designation and has now assumed an active leadership role with the AM&AA on a national basis. The CM&AA designation serves to distinguish those individuals who have mastered a comprehensive body of essential knowledge and also have committed to staying abreast of continuing new developments in the M&A profession.

“Being elected to the Board is really an “honor” commented Mr. Citrolo. “As a CPA & M&A Advisor, I’ve been helping clients sell their business or make corporate acquisitions for years, but now as a national board member, I will be very well positioned to more effectively facilitate the needs of my larger clients who require national reach when planning a business acquisition or sale. Mr Citrolo added that, “being connected to the AM&AA on a national basis will provide me with significantly more resources which will take my transaction advisory services — to a new level.”

The Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors® (AM&AA) initiated the Certified Merger and Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA) program to develop an essential standard of excellence for middle market corporate financial advisory services. “To achieve our goals,” noted Michael Nall, Executive Director of AM&AA, “we’ve created a practical, relevant, and comprehensive professional development program that builds on the previously existing skills. This advanced credential provides an important ‘gold standard’ to assist the client in selecting the best advisor. The AM&AA website is

Mr. Citrolo is a Partner of New York Business Brokerage (NYBB), a full-service Business Brokerage, Business Valuation and Acquisitions Advisory firm in Melville, New York. NYBB assists privately-held companies with up to $50M in revenue to develop exit strategies or make targeted corporate acquisitions. Mr. Citrolo is a resident of Old Bethpage, NY. He can be reached at 631.390.9650 or The company’s web site is

Contact Info:

Anthony Citrolo, Managing Partner
(631) 390-9650
New York Business Brokerage, Inc (NYBB)
68 South Service Road, Suite 100
Melville, NY 11747


Balluun Announces New Social Business Platform To Empower Fashion Designers To Create Impact For Their Brands And Businesses

Balluun Continues Advisory Board Momentum Tapping Fashion Visionary, Nicole Miller

Foster City, CA ( August 10, 2012  -  Leading up to the 2012 MAGIC show, social business upstart, Balluun, today announced its patent-pending technology platform for emerging fashion designers and the wholesale marketplace. On the same day, Balluun announced a new advisory board member, fashion maverick, Nicole Miller. “We are so honored and excited to be able to tap such a visionary innovator and designer to add to our distinguished group of advisors,” said Peter Koch, CEO of Balluun. “She will bring an invaluable perspective, aesthetic eye and reality check to our overall effort.”

Balluun is the future of commerce for fashion, as we know it. Fashion designers who are Balluun members can easily upload their collections on Balluun’s website prior to the show and take advantage of Balluun’s mobile app to display specifications of their lines and conduct transactions with buyers online at the show.
Balluun’s focus is the world of fashion and redefining how fashion is accessed,experienced, shared, purchased and sold in the real and digital worlds. Some of Balluun’s primary features and benefits include:
  • Balluun provides the ability for sellers to share product updates and entire collections and for buyers to view and discover new designs and track product trends.
  • Balluun enables buyers to communicate directly with the sellers before, during and after creating a purchase order.
  • Balluun accommodates all terms and forms of payment traditionally found in the fashion industry.
  • Balluun records all of the information for the seller and the buyer, and all order information is maintained online for easy reference anytime, anywhere.
“Balluun is truly game-changing for young fashion designers who want to create impact with their brands and build businesses within an increasingly competitive climate.”said Peter Koch, CEO of Balluun. “With the continued evolution of the internet, the cloud and social networking, Balluun has been able to develop transformative ways to do business.”

Brief Balluun Product Snapshot

Visually Rich Marketplace To Show & Share Collections- Balluun provides a robust platform on which designers/manufacturers can sell their products and independent retailers can shop for products in a visually rich digital environment.

Social Business Community All Your Own- Balluun’s platform is optimized for ongoing social inter-action and like an in-person interaction, people communicate with one another back and forth while purchasing goods. Balluun accomplishes this and deploys technology to thread the communication exchange throughout a transaction.

The Paperless Office- Balluun enables designers, retailers and manufacturers the ability to search products by price and style, review line sheets and collections, create and pay purchase orders online. Balluun provides a hassle-free digital option from paper-based lookbooks/catalogs,business cards and order forms in a social business solution.

About Balluun

Balluun’s mission is to empower fashion designers by lowering barriers to entry for emerging designers to launch their brand, sell their products to buyers and connect them online to create long-term relationships and healthy businesses. Balluun redefines a whole new way of conducting business by leveraging its roots in the information technology world (Cisco), commerce marketplace (eBay) and banking (UBS). The company has built a patent-pending social business platform dedicated to the unique needs of the fashion industry. With a guiding philosophy of connecting everyone and helping everyone to grow, Balluun is a company that is re-imagining how fashion businesses are created and managed with a technology-driven social business model.

For more information and to sign up on Balluun, please visit:

Contact Info:
Vox: 917.239.06
Tricia Chan, Public Group


Sunday, 12 August 2012


Mimimi Productions präsentiert mit Tink, dem durch Crowdfunding möglich gewordenen Adventure voller Farbe und Charakter, seine strahlende Vision der Spielezukunft auf der GamesCom 2012.

MÜNCHEN ( August 13, 2012 - Mimimi Productions bekannten heute Farbe und gaben neue Details über ihr unwiderstehliches neues Action-AdventureTinkpreis. Tink befindet sich derzeit noch in einer frühen Entwicklungsphase für Xbox Live® Arcade, PlayStation®Network, PC und Mac und wurde sowohl bei den Game Connection Europe Selected Projects zum „Best Project 2012“ als auch von Gambitious zum Startprojekt für seine Crowdfunding-Plattform gewählt.

Die erste spielbare Version von Tink wird der Öffentlichkeit, den Medien und den Investoren am 15. und 16. August auf der GamesCom in Köln vorgestellt.
Medien- und Terminanfragen, um Tink am 15. und 16. August auf der Gamescom zu sehen, können an geschickt werden.

In Tink schlüpft der Spieler in die Schuhe des titelgebenden Helden, einem furchtlosen Jungen mit der Fähigkeit, die Welt um ihn herum mit strahlender Farbe zu füllen. Die schleichende Bleakness droht, die von Tink geliebte blühende Welt durch ein graues, eintöniges Panorama voller widerwärtiger farbloser Kreaturen zu ersetzen. Bewaffnet mit den Farben Rot, Grün und Blau, die ihm die Fähigkeit verleihen, die Emotionen der Feinde und das Wesen der Objekte um ihn herum zu verändern, bricht Tink zu einer unvergesslichen Reise auf, um die Farbe in seine Welt zurückzubringen.

„Mit Tink wollten wir die Art Spiel schaffen, die wir im von braun-grauen, postapokalyptischen Welten und ernsten Themen geprägten Spieleumfeld vermissen“, sagt Johannes Roth, Geschäftsführer und Gründer von Mimimi Productions. „Unser Ziel ist es, in den Spielern das Gefühl hervorzurufen, das wir damals hatten, als wir zum ersten Mal Titel wie Banjo Kazooie spielten.Unser Held Tink erhält die Fähigkeit, seiner Welt die Farbe und Kreativität zurückzubringen, genauso wie wir es mit der Spielewelt tun wollen. Wir sind sicher, dass es da draußen auch eine Menge älterer Spieler gibt, die sich nach einem humorvollen und verspielten Titel sehnen!“

Nach 6 Monaten intensiver Vorproduktion ist Tink kürzlich in die Produktionsphase der Entwicklung eingegangen und das Team bereitet sich jetzt darauf vor, dem Publikum diesen August auf der GamesCom in Köln die erste spielbare Version vorzustellen. Das Spiel wird für die Öffentlichkeit am Stand E044 der Mediadesign Hochschule in Halle 10.1 spielbar sein, während es für Medien und Investoren an Stand J051 in der Business Area in Halle 4.2 separate Termine geben wird. Um einen Termin zu buchen, reicht eine E-Mail an

„Wir bei Mimimi Productions sind davon überzeugt, dass das Playtesting von Spielen einen der wichtigsten Aspekte in der Spieleentwicklung darstellt.“, meint Dominik Abé, Game Director bei Mimimi Productions. „Wir sind sehr aufgeregt und natürlich auch etwas nervös, zum ersten Mal eine spielbare Version von Tink auf der GamesCom zu zeigen und können es kaum erwarten, Feedback von den Spielern zu erhalten. Aber bis dahin haben wir noch viel Arbeit vor uns!“

Tink ist das Debütprojekt für Gambitious, der innovativen Crowdfunding-Plattform, die sich ganz der Finanzierung von Videospielen verschrieben hat. Gambitious bietet Investoren die einzigartige Möglichkeit, finanziell in Spiele zu investieren um später am Umsatz beteiligt zu werden, was eine neue Stufe der Projektbeteiligung bedeutet.

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Über Mimimi Productions

Mimimi Productions ist ein preisgekröntes, unabhängiges Entwicklungsstudio für Videospiele in München. Wir entwickeln innovative Spiele, die einfach zu verstehende Konzepte mit anspruchsvollen Rätseln verbinden, um Produkte zu schaffen, die sowohl Gelegenheitsspieler als auch leidenschaftliche Gamer ansprechen. Unser Ziel ist es, für alle Plattformen qualitativ hochwertige und unterhaltsame Spiele mit einzigartigen Grafikstilen zu verknüpfen. Unsere ersten Titel „daWindci“ (Apple Design Award 2012, Deutscher Entwicklerpreis) und „Tink“ (Best Project 2012 Award, IGF honourable mention) sind bereits wertvolle und einzigartige Marken und setzen den Standard für unsere künftigen Projekte. Mehr unter: