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Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Dream & Some Hope Create Goodwill Towards Mankind...And A Song to Inspire Humanity

Starting her young adult life in education Milliea Taylor McKinney, had a gift to give back to society only she did not realize how important her role would someday become. Leaving education to pursue music as a songwriter Milliea, would get her first break writing and auditioning her songs for the legends of country. Through her now friend Marsha Brown CEO, of Brandon Hills Music, and Jandar records. Milliea, then   would stumble across one of music industries greatest songwriters, of our time in R&B, Skyler Jett. Skyler, best known for replacing Lionel Richie, of the R&B Group .The Commodores', and his contributions to the number one film today 'The  itanic,' would earn him A Grammy for the song 'My Heart Will Go On,' recorded and performed by Celine Dion. Skyler, would encourage Milliea, her talent as a songwriter, would be best used to make a difference in the world by writing more encouraging songs, and he helped name her now companies Conscious Entertainment.

From her experience she would write her first social conscious song that would be the recipient of 'Song Of The Year And Honorable Mentions 2011 Nation Wide,' For her song entitled 'We Are Hope'. Bringing her skills to educate and her craft as a songwriter together she would set off on a journey to reach youth everywhere to demonstrate the power of music and lyrics in a song, and how they impact the human mind, soul, and heart. She also wanted to role model for adults sending them the strong profound message that their role in the life of the children they would be responsible for was vital if those children were to be groomed by protecting their innocence, setting standards, and goals for them to achieve. In doing so Milliea, felt those children held a better chance of preparing themselves for the future and would carry that very same knowledge to the next generation giving them hope and also establishing the same for future generations that would also impact humanity.

Along her journey she would meet five time promoter of the year, and the former VP to MCA Records, Mr. Pat Melfi. Pat the founder of Muzart, ( a 501 C Public Charity to restore the legacy of music and art education in public school programs) would then begin a partnership, and a mentor-ship with Milliea, teaching her the social conscious end of business something Milliea, once only dreamed of being a part of never in her wildest of dreams did she think she would be a leader in a quest to bring awareness to the need of music education and the responsibility of adults and the role music plays in society targeting our youth in the fight for positive lyrics that would be of a more positive influence and prepare them for a more productive future. Her passion to protect the young and very impressionable would now become her own fight for what she felt in her heart was right. “Today's children are so confused said, McKinney.They hurt deeply trying to fit in with little or no adult guidance trying to be accepted trying to belong because no matter what era in in life you grew up the majority seems to rule so being apart of what society has accepted to be cool in the form of graphic and violent lyrics is something our youth have become part of.
In doing so we have violated our young and our responsibility.” The more Milliea, became involved in this journey the more passionate and dedicated she found herself becoming. As she  continued her journey she would come across an amazing young girl name Josie Passantino, and an extraordinary woman Josie's mother Tina. Josie had a blogtalk radio talk show in which Milliea, would book her artist to promote their music. While doing so she learned of Josie's desire to learn how to write and perform her own songs. Milliea, then would begin her mentor-ship. Teaching Josie the art of songwriting she would then introduce Josie, to Pat's cousin vocal coach, Gloria Brown. Through Skype Gloria would begin vocal training and breathing technique with Josie. Josie, would then become huge supporter of both Muzart World Foundation, and Conscious Music Entertainment Companies. Not long after Josie, would put out her own CD entitled 'Life and Love are Tricky.' Featuring her debut song 'Teenage Girl.' That was Published with Jandar records after Milliea, won support for her mentor-ship.

As time went on Milliea, came across yet another amazing teen Lenore Luca, and her mother Felicia Luca. Lenore, had her her own Teen targeted blogtalk show called 'Teen Groove On The Move.' Milliea learned of Lenore's dream to be the voice of youth everywhere. Lenore, aspired to be that peer that related to others giving them the power to use their own voice. In doing so Milliea, taught Lenore, how to generate that energy and passion into resource that would better resonate with her peers. She encouraged Lenore, to design and write her own magazine. Lenore, took her advice and pursued the challenge and created the now magazine target towards youth empowering and interacting with everyday concerns and problem solving using positive responses encouraging her peers to be empowered to make the most of their lives while they are young so that their future can be better then just ordinary it can be extraordinary! Lenore has gone since an recorded a CD of motivation for teens and travels and speaks on behalf of youth everywhere. She has appeared on New Jersey News12 and several  radio shows. In the fall we are expected to be guest on other Talk shows and next year looks even brighter. Milliea, says, that in her musical mission she truly believes that each of the amazing humanitarians that crossed her path was written into this script of life she now embraces in doing so she feels none of it would be possible if they had not. She wanted to pay gratitude to these humanitarian hearts and thank them publically as she believes their generosity and open hearts helped to pave her way to what she now feels is an open door for change.

Partner Pat Melfi, Mike Mosley, Lew Marklin Mash Producer Icon News, R&B Platinum Artist Champaign, James McCullum, Mike Cash, Ted Fujimoto, Solutions Radio Host Denice Newton, and Skyler Jett, Parents Felicia Luca, and Tina Passantino, Supporters, Liz Cobb, Daryl Allison, Bill Henderson, Melissa Valladares, Audra Nay, Gloria Brown, Ashley Richardson, and Special Thank you to Cya Nelson, who donated the CME Logo. And the many family friends and associates that just made her feel totally supported. And finally Lenore Luca, and Josie Passantino, who trusted her enough to teach them how to follow their dream and to do it in a positive way so that in their journey by giving back they are mentoring peer to peer and planting seeds of knowledge and goodwill towards all men. Though Milliea's, journey has just begun the strides she has taken since she first planted the seed of hope has grew into a tree of possibility forming a new company in Conscious Entertainment radio she now supports the idea of inspiring other music professionals and artist to consider their role in the lives of their young viewers and supporters and to keep in mind the influence they offer when choosing to filter inappropriate material in the industry targeting societies youth. By rendering a positive influence we preserve the innocence in our children and pace their lives as deemed appropriate for their living laughing loving and learning growing into adulthood ready and prepared for adult choices.

Milliea,says that her final goal is to get the support needed for a seal of approval for all entertainment designed appropriate for youth she has her trademark and has taken steps to make this a possibility through a distributor's of music and film entertainment. Her final thoughts were to encourage parents, and educator's to support her cause in Muzart World Foundation and Conscious Music Entertainment Companies as her team builds towards a better future in entertainment for all audiences restoring morals,values. and structure that our society can once gain be proud of in their children and in the future of mankind.

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